About Us

“We serve them who serves Nation FARMERS”

We work hard to provide you the best quality Service

Mahalaxmi Agro Services was established in the year 2015, the important of the company is the sale of flora and vegetable seeds grown in India. We sell flowers and foreign vegetables in the wholesales.

We have been linked to the farmers of the production of the produce and the farmers are also groups, as well as the  graduates, the farmers boys  in our team. Our main objective is to provide a good rate of selling of directors with the goods of the farmers..

Our Company

.The company is affiliated to the farmers and the farmers’ group. The company gives a suitable rate to the farmers by purchasing and selling the produce of farmers and guides farmers to farm the right crop according to the market.

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Our Team

 We are most dedicated team working hard to do achieve our dream.We are always there to give best service to agriculture sector.

Vaibhav Sutar

Lead Operation and Transport

Kashyap khut

Lead Purchasing and Marketing

Ranjeet Chougale

Lead on Farmer’s Filed

Ajinath Andhale

Lead  Purchasing and Marketing

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If you are interested to have any service of Mahalaxmi Agro Services you can directly contact us, we are always there and ready to help you